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Halo-Halo 2 Adaption

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2007 7:57 pm    Post subject: Halo-Halo 2 Adaption  Reply with quote

When you try Halo 2 fresh from Halo, its not going to be the same. Alot of things have been changed. This is a simple guide to help Halo players adapt to Halo 2.

Plasma Pistols in halo 2 do not have half charged shots. And the fully charged shots only do shield damage!

Frags explode MUCH faster.

Vechicles CAN blow up in multiplayer.

Vechicles do not have the noob run over 1 hit road kill thing.

Enemies can board your vechicle!

On any vechicle with more then one seat, an enemy can take one with you in it. For example, if someone boards your warthog with you in gunner, you stay in gunner.

Pistols are weakened and have no scope.

ARs are gone!

The new "pistols" are BRs. They have quick shots and kill as fast as a halo 1 pistol. Only problem is its very weak vs shields. But a few headshots make it work nicely.

The new "ARs" are SMGs. They fire like an AR, alot of bullets and have a pretty large clip. 1/4 the size of a AR, for balancing.

Dual Weilding is KEY in Halo 2. The dual weild weapons are SMGs, Pistols, PRs, PPs, Needlers, BPRs, and some more i may have forgotten.

For all the snipers, snipers work the same. A covie sniper has been made called the beam rifle for people who hate the ammo limits and want batteries. It overheats after 3 shots and just about as effective as a sniper rifle.

Halo 2 has a simpley grand easter egg. Skulls. Nuff said.

Halo 2 for Vista is EXACTLY like its Xbox counterpart. Just no lvl system and you can type messages.

The rocket hog has been replaced with the gaus hog. Gaus cannons work like rockets exsept gaus is faster, more accurate, less powerful, and more anti vechicle then infantry.

Hunters look like they have a fuel rod beam. They don't. The fuel rod on their arm just leave a large trail of green blast when it enters out and the projectile is slightly larger.

Halo 2 in multiplayer is any mans game. No one is really skilled or a noob. Its easy to adapt since most of the playing styles are basic, unlike Halo.

Rockets in Halo 2 are a different thing altogether. Instead of aiming near the person to hit, you need a pretty accurate shot and it may take another one to kill.

Fuel rods are OUT of multiplayer.

No flameys in H2 D:

Halo 2 has a new type of noob: Sword Noobs. Enjoy!

The power swords that died from sword elites in Halo are in Halo 2 and can be weilded!

In Halo 2 you do not loose damage form high jumps. However, if they are SUPER DUPER high, you die...

Halo 2 has destructable buildings in some parts.

Halo 2 has exploding barrels.

In Halo 2 you can move certain objects.

Unlike in Halo PC and CE, Halo 2 for Vista has not reached the amount of vechicle tags for great maps like Coldsnap or Extinction.

Knowing that you should know what to expect from Halo 2, or well, the basics of what to expect. Go jump off a building and into a fire caused by a terroist if you want a more vivid description...yeah...


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